31st January 2019

Bike Servicing: Special Offer

bike servicing special offers

Bike Servicing: why it’s important

Don’t be like this guy. Keep your bike in tip top condition and book a service before you need some serious repair work. Same goes for a bike that you haven’t ridden for a few months (or dare we say it, years!). Pop into your local store and we’ll give it a free safety check. From there, our trusted mechanics will advise if you need a service to get your bike back up to scratch.



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Don’t put it off. Now is the time to book your bike in for a service. Why? We’ll give you three reasons:


Book your bike in for a service in February and you’ll get a free gift:

  1. Free Muc Off Bike Cleaner worth £9.99 for every basic service (£35)
  2. Free Muc Off wash, protect and lube kit worth £16.50 for every standard service (£55)
  3. Free Muc Off bike care essentials kit worth £27 for every deluxe service (£120)

Not sure which service you need? Take a look here and remember we offer a free bike safety check and estimate before commencing work.


Even if you’re not cycling at the moment, if you get your bike serviced now you’ll be good to get back on the saddle whenever the weather improves (spring isn’t that far away!), you get over that injury or you just find yourself with some free time.


Book your bike service in February and you’ll get to book your bike in to your nearest store on a time and date that suits you. Don’t wait until peak season when you could have to wait up to two weeks for our mechanics to have a free slot.


Find your nearest shop, take a look at our servicing plans and then give us a call on 0345 257 0808 to book your bike in.

view bike servicing plans

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